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Catherine Goldschmidt BSC - DoP

We had First Steps mentees on HBO's House of the Dragon Season 1, and because it was such a positive experience- we’re doing it again on Season 2! We’re looking forward to welcoming the next generation of filmmakers, giving them access to the inner workings of a large scale production

Neville Kidd BSC - DoP

Natalie Brown was a great example of the success of the First Steps Cinematography Program, she joined our camera department on The Anansi Boys for season 1 and learnt valuable skills working in the LED Volume and on our extensive sets. She was a great asset to our team and her collaboration skills were greatly appreciated by all departments

Aga Szeliga ACO - Camera Operator

One of the most rewarding things for me when I joined HotD S1 was to support Fabian in his efforts to create a diverse camera department. It was the first time I'd heard of a studio offering a paid internship! It's really impressive to know that HBO was very supportive of First Steps, understanding the need for creating paid training opportunities which embraced diversity. It makes a big difference to be paid for your time, which makes the internships accessible to everyone, including people from less privileged backgrounds. It also shows that any DoP can use their position of leadership to encourage studios and productions to promote positive change in the industry. Everyone in our team really stepped in to create a very supportive and safe environment for each one of our mentees to learn and enjoy their time with us. Since then, I have met some of our mentees on other productions, and it was great to work together again and see how much they had grown professionally, encouraged by a positive experience during First Steps, which for many had opened the door to trainee positions. Sony is next to follow the initiative on Fabian's next feature, and I hope that other DoPs and studios will be inspired by these initiatives, as even with the best intentions and greatest efforts, we cannot achieve a diverse camera department without everyone else being a part of the solution

Ben Wheeler BSC - DoP

Following this experience-I genuinely couldn’t recommend First Steps highly enough. Fabian clearly has a great eye for emerging talent & it’s such an important scheme to be a part of. We are in a very privileged position- getting paid to do the job we love, so the chance to encourage & assist those who are less fortunate & perhaps historically less able to break into this industry is invaluable for the future of cinematography. I very much look forward to working with Fabian & First Steps for many years to come

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