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Mentee Testimonials

Natalie Brown

I found my time on set with Fabian to be an amazing experience that gave me all the practice of being on a high profile job without the extra pressure. Everyone was so kind and eager to show me what to do and what being a camera trainee entailed, especially when it came to on set etiquette and even networking! After finishing my time on Red Gun I had met so many people and so many contacts that almost every job I have worked on since has been as a result of the people I met on Red Gun. It gave me the momentum to get my career started and so my time working on Red Gun will be something I’ll never forget.

Mihaela Neagoe

Being chosen for this scheme was the best experience I had so far as a filmmaker. Every person I met, while on set, was extremely kind and helpful, especially Fabian to whom I owe many thanks. I got to learn a lot about the craft, directly from the people I am looking up to, and for this I will always be grateful. Everything I learned in the three weeks there helped me have a better understanding of what it means to be on set, knowledge that still helps me today in building my career

Sador Zerie

The first steps into Cinematography scheme was one of the best thing I had ever done. The knowledge and experience I gained under the scheme was incredible. I got to work closely with the DP and the rest of the camera team as their camera trainee. Considering I was completely new to the role, the first few weeks were very challenging but the whole team were wonderful and extremely supportive. I mastered so many new skills and constantly learning new things everyday

Charlotte Hayde

I guess the most important thing to say is that the scheme has been totally invaluable to me. I was able to meet & work with the camera crews on both Blood & Fire unit, to which Jamie (A Cam 1st AC) and Amber (A Cam 2nd AC) then brought me on board as their trainee for their next job. So bottom line, the scheme works wonders if you put into it the enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

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