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First Steps
A 21st Century Mentee Scheme

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Here at First Steps Cinematography our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to enter the camera department and the film industry.


Our main focus is on promoting diversity and gender equality, regardless of age or experience. We take great care in selecting mentees and placing them in productions that cater to their specific needs, with Heads of Departments (HoDs) and crew members who are dedicated to nurturing their talent.


Our aim is to create a more diverse and inclusive industry, and to prioritize the future by investing in the growth and development of aspiring filmmakers.


Follow your Dreams

With us you get onto a filmset as quickly as possible. We believe thats where you learn the ropes and where you make the contacts. You will either be on set with one or all of us and surrounded by our team who all believe in mentoring the way we do. Or we will put you onto other productions, with DoPs, Operators and crews who we know and trust.

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